}); Overview – Horror Equity Fund INC

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What is the Horror Equity Fund™ all about?


  • The Horror Equity Fund™ brings together Investors and Content Creators so that participants can share in some of the amazing profits often realized in the world of Horror entertainment.
  • The Horror Equity Fund™ (HEF) represents the future of funding as well as investing for actual ownership rights in independent Horror Projects.
  • Utterly unlike those platforms that solicit donations or contributions in return for a poster, a broken download or a pat on the back, Projects presented through HEF offer real ownership, royalties, or profit participation.
  • HEF brings together the best forces that are needed to fund, create, market and distribute all Projects related to the chilling world of Horror.
  • HEF melds the old with the new, with industry-savvy professionals guiding the process of efficiently securing funds while keeping visions intact and costs as low as possible while reserving the right for HEF to directly fund, in whole or in part, those projects with the highest profit potential.
  • With professionally vetted Projects being transparently presented, HEF will track and present the best possibilities of each investment.

HEF focuses primarily on equity-based investment opportunities initially targeting Accredited Investors who can immediately participate and derive benefit and profits.

HEF will soon target non-accredited investors as well using the benefits of Title III.

HEF is in line and positioned for a massive Regulation A+ campaign and raise, appealing to its global affinity group as well as savvy investors.

HEF and its companion community site: Federation of Horror (a “stocked fishing lake” of rabid fans and followers) will exist to tap into this market and provide a robust vehicle for fans, professional creators and investors.

HEF’s Crowd Sourcing Methodology (as well as a path for professionals) serves up Quality Projects to our “Masters of Horror“.

All together this forms a virtual:

Supermarket of Horror™

Horror SUPER

This “Supermarket” will offer on its shelves unlimited and professionally reviewed and vetted proposals and projects including:

  • Feature Films (or any parts thereof)
  • Trans-media projects
  • TV projects and pitches
  • Graphic novels
  • Library utilization
  • Merchandising proposals and products
  • Videogames
  • Author advances
  • Books from Publishers looking to exploit under-utilized ancillary rights
  • Studio financing and joint ventures
  • Original books & short stories
  • Collectible toys
  • Smart apps; or any other form of merchandising
  • Projects and proposals from Other Dimensions (now know or hereinafter discovered!)

– All of them Horror-related, all looking for investment funds and all with potential for great financial returns.

The Horror Equity Fund™ and Federation of Horror™ will aggregate many thousands of visitors and participants invited and culled from all the very best Horror communities, chat rooms, convention and review sites.

For the Project Investor

Through strategic connections with private companies and related investor networks, projects will be available to the largest audience of pre-screened project investors worldwide.

HEF’s active participation in the Social Media Market of Horror and its fandom, as well as HEF’s place in the Investment Market allows HEF to offer efficient, lower-cost services for individual Projects.

HEF and Federation of Horror™ will offer the centralized Community and general public both the excitement of the genre as well as lucrative profits from Horror-themed entertainment.

The Horror Equity Fund™ and Federation of Horror™ are being built now. Hammers, nails, stakes, shovels, candles and spells, as well as forces from Other Dimensions (lawyers) are all being utilized. And always, of course, with strict and proper adherence to SEC and FINRA rules and regulations!

For Corporate Entity Partners

“First Look Smart Money” (FLSM) Program Prior to a Project Issuer (Content Creator) initiating formal fund raising activities, projects accepted and qualified for investment activities with HEF may be screened and involved in HEF”s “First Look Smart Money” program.

This program allows HEF to cherry pick projects to fund in whole or in part, and provides for select, strategic members of HEF’s FLSM Program (consisting of Distribution and Production partners, and/or Investment Funds), to “pre-screen” Projects, prior to formalized fund raising. Corporate members may decide to contract with a Project Issuer and/or to match funds (in whole or in part), raised through the direct fund raising activities of the Project Issuer. HEF may invest along with other private equity investors or in concert with a Crowd Investment Campaign.

With permission, the contract or funding declaration may be featured in the fund raising Activity, (e.g., “Big Deal Productions has agreed to match, dollar for dollar, every dollar raised by My Great Horror Project “) greatly lowering the target number for funding success while at the same time enhancing a Projects chance for funding success by the Project’s association with the named FLSM Partner.