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For reasons that are more detailed elsewhere, when an individual contemplates an investment “in Horror” that person is, like any good investor, really considering an investment and whether it will “pay off.”

Thus, investigation and sufficient knowledge (as well as full disclosure) of the details of any Project that is seeking investment funds is both essential and vital (besides being required under the law.)

But despite the Act directed and passed in 2012 by both a bipartisan Congress and signed into law by President Obama, at the present, in general terms, only “qualified, accredited investors” may invest in Projects generally solicited as these are FOR EQUITY.

So HERE, soon, will appear detailed, informed, but simplified drop-downs and menus for a registrant to be “screened” as for that status.
Such requests will be for identification, asset, employment and income information; certain information re: past investment history, and more: all required under SEC rules and regulations.

Only such investors will be able to view the specific deal details of a given possible investment – while until then, EVERYONE may see certain trailers and limited information about the possible deal.

Deal Flowchart

This infographic shows, in general, how a qualified investor’s funds may be used, through HEF’s compliant platform to fund a Project and eventually, how that investor may profit.
At all times, necessary permissions must be obtained by HEF from the Investor pursuant to SEC rules and regulations.

Current Projects


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